OTHER ENTERPRISES                                  Jyoti Dattaram Surkutlawar Goat Farming is having good scope in India, as there is huge demand for Meat in all over the world. Goat milk has certain medicinal properties, which can improve the plate count in our blood. People suffering from Dengue, Chicken guniya and other fevers which cause depleting the blood cells or plate count. So, Goat milk is necessary for them. One can afford Goat Cattle so that she can get milk from them in addition with meat. Generally, Goats give at least two babies every year. This helps in improve the cattle in number.  By considering the above benefits, Jyoti Dattaram Surkutlawar, a house wife living in Sagroli Tq. Biloli Dist. Nanded wanted to start a goat rearing business for giving support to her family. Her husband is having tractor and doing work as per demand of people in village. The increasing demand of family and education of her two children Jyoti decided to start goat rearing. She was havin


  DAIRY ENTERPRISES Sagroli is a Village on the border of Maharashtra and Telangana states. Majority of the rural women are land less or farm labour. They need 24 hour work for fulfilling daily needs of their family. Dairy business  have more scope in the village. Sanskriti Samvardhan mandal, Sagroli started Keshav Milk collection centre for the convenience of people who have milking animals. Now people need not go any were for selling of milk. Lakshmibai Kondlade Lakshmibai Kondlade one of the farm labour in the village was very needy woman. Her husband is also farm labour. Son is working on temporary basis. Financial condition of the family is not so good. She wanted to buy one buffalo for dairy business. Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal has given support of Rs. 50000/- under project EMBRACE which  was funded by DRISHTI. She purchased one buffalo with this support. With the Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal’s financial support and Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s technical guidance she is rearing her


1. Pragati Textiles Pragati textile is a tailoring unit that started in 2015 after one of the tailoring training given by Krishi Vigyan Kendra on different types of bag making. A group of four women named Mrs. Shanta Harale, Sushama Muttepod, Sunita Kolnure, and Mosina Korbo started this unit and stitching the uniforms, different types of bags, kitchen apron, saree petticoat, sun coats and drudgery reducing cotton-picking apron, soybean harvesting mittens for farm women, etc. Pragati Textile unit is also giving training to other women. In addition to these cloth articles, these women wanted to keep some women’s daily needs items in their shop. But due to lack of space in the shop, they could not start it. When financial support of Rs. 50000/- was given by DRISHTI under project EMBRACE these women started their new shop on rent in December 2019. They purchased daily need items for women and girls. Also, they purchased more cloth for making different types of bags. Previously they were e